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“There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats.”

― Albert Schweitzer

Cats. Love them or loathe them there’s no denying these furry fluffballs are some of the most photographed creatures on the planet. If you know someone who has travelled throughout Italy, chances are that if you scroll through their holiday snaps you will see photos of Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Colosseum in Roma, and sprawling yellow lemon groves cascading down the terraces of the Amalfi Coast. But what you are often guaranteed to find is photos of cats. They are everywhere! From coast to coast, from top to toe, no matter where you find yourself in the bel paese, you will be sure to find cats in all their nonchalant glory. Fat cats, skinny cats, cats with legs in the air mid lick, cats stretched out on fishing boats patiently awaiting the days fresh catch, cats curled up on sun drenched motor scooter seats (my personal favourite!). Most of all there are the cats peering down from flower filled balconies watching with a feline’s judgement as you happily snap away at crumbled doorways and picturesque fountains unaware of those critical eyes beaming down on you.

If you happen to make your way down to the country’s most southern region, where everything seems to become more intense; the beaches stretch that little bit longer and appear to be even more beautiful, the food becomes that much more flavourful, almost bursting with sunshine, and the towns of Sicily become that much more enchanting and magical, you will find cat heaven.  These roguish Sicilian felines seem to radiate a sense of devil-may-care attitude that makes the northern cats seem positively prudish.

So, if you love cats like Ciro and I do then Sicily is the place for you! And if you’re not yet convinced about the pleasure that comes from meeting some gatti di Sicilia on your holiday, then allow these photogenic fluffballs to convince you!